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Whole olives of the Nocellara del Belice variety in a vacuum bag, preserved in brine.

The olives are harvested by hand and preserved immediately after processing and are steam pasteurized before packaging.

The consistency is meaty, the taste is hearty with a light aftertaste of fresh fruit.

Suitable as:

Accompaniment to cocktails and aperitifs, cheese, Mediterranean salads or as a side dish to meat and fish. In addition, they are ideal for the preparation of legumes, meat,

Fish-based sauces.

The olives are placed in a vacuum bag with brine to be better protected and to survive even long transports without risk of breakage. It is recommended to take care that the remaining remains are in brine. May contain stones or stone fragments

Use within 5 months from the packaging date.

Whole ORGANIC green olives 250g (in bag)

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