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We founded Gioia Olive with one goal: to ensure that every customer has a great and fair shopping experience. We shape our business relationships in the same way. Only good service leads to loyal customers. Learn more about our values and policies below. Contact us if you have any questions!

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Our terms of delivery

Our approach

I am the section for your shipping policy. This is the right place to let your customers know everything about your shipping process and prices. Keep it short and express yourself clearly and understandably - your customers will thank you.



Gioia Olive
Via Mare 35

91021 Campobello di Mazara (TP) Italia
Telefon: +49 15754772281

Vertretungsberechtigte/r Geschäftsführer/in: Patrizio Gioia
Registernummer: TP 197544
Registergericht: Trapani
USt.-ID-Nr.: IT02795720818

Privacy Policy

Your data is safe with us

I'm your privacy policy area. Here you can inform your customers about how you use and store data and protect your customers' personal data. Use this space to provide information about your payment partners or how they collect and use customer data once the payment process is complete.

The privacy of your customers is essential for your company. Therefore, take the time to explain your privacy policy accurately and in detail. Use understandable formulations so that customer trust is strengthened and your customers will buy from you again and again!

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